Organizing a Conference, Expo or Seminar? give your Guests, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Advertisers a unique all-digital, zero-paper experience.

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“YARA should be mandatory for all events. YARA conveys information right. It’s so easy to follow the schedule. And It’s so easy to use.”

Mark L. Zyla
Managing Director
Acuitas, Inc.

Mark L. Zyla is a Managing Director of Acuitas, Inc. an Atlanta, Georgia based valuation and litigation consultancy firm. Mr. Zyla has provided valuation consulting for various types of entities for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, tax planning, corporate recapitalizations, as well as valuing various types of intellectual property and other intangible assets for many purposes.

Absolutely Zero-paper and Green Events.
Forget about printing, transporting and the human
resources for managing the inventory of following items.
No more wastage of paper
in the form of:
  • Welcome Kits.
  • Goody Bags.
  • Schedule Prints.
  • Brochures.
  • Paper Documents and Files
  • from Sponsors, Exhibitors or Speakers.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Coupons.
  • Paper Tickets.
  • Food Passes.
  • Visiting Cards.

They didn't pay to wait in queues.
YARA’s entry management system is world’s most simplest and secured system out there for events.

Increase your Sponsorship and Exhibitor acquisitions.

No more emails, quetionarie or phone calls to setup and schedule meetings.

Live interactions between mutitple Speakers and Guests, File Sharing, Polls and Pins.

Just one smart app for all your Guests and Speakers.

Don’t run around with feedback forms to collect Analytics.

It’s that easy to integrate.
Just upload Guest List. Rest is taken care.

No need to invest in costly digital event solutions or maintain an IT team to manage your events.

Is it Conference, Expo or Seminar? YARA can
handle millions of guests. Easily and Securely.

Kits are mini apps developed to integrate
YARA with other major services.
Eventbrite AutoInvitation Kit.
Invite guests to YARA as soon as they buy the ticket. Works automated. No setups required.

Avaialble this Summer
Facebook Photo Kit.
One click upload of event photos posted by guest to your brand page photo albums.

Avaialble this Summer
Slack Notifier Kit.
Get notifications from Events. Such as when guests joins YARA, new images posted, and others.

Avaialble this Summer
Google Drive Files Kit.
Get files from your company Google Drive account for sharing with event guests.

Avaialble this Summer
Twitter Greet Kit.
Automated tweets from YARA before event,during event and after event.

Avaialble this Summer
Dropbox Files Kit.
Get files from your company Dropbox account for sharing with event guests.

Avaialble this Summer

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