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YARA Usage Guidelines.

The guidelines for using YARA here forth mentioned are to
create a wonderful and habitual experience for all users.

We believe in providing the best user experience for all of our customers. While designing YARA, we have taken into consideration the views and opinions of all the stakeholders involved in the Event Management industry, such as the Organizers, Sponsors, Exhibitors and the Delegates. We have invested 3+ years to design and engineer the user experience in such a way that, the user will never for a moment even comprehend the thought of slacking or getting a sense of boredom. YARA is fashioned in a broad yet specific manner to accommodate all the requirements of various users complying with YARA.

Content Guidelines
Event Organizers using YARA Web Dashboard must ensure that content containing sexually explicit material, violence, bullying, hate speech based on race, religion, sex, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation etc must and should not find its way to the YARA app users. Utmost care must be taken while uploading content into the dashboard. Voris(maker of YARA) holds the right to take down and eliminate any content that does not meet the above-mentioned criteria and elements.

Sponsors are the key to any event's success and we realize their importance. User experience and Advertisements usually don't go hand in hand. Too many Ads leads to a nightmarish and overcrowded user experience and a minimal scenario of Ads would mean less revenue for the Organizers. Keeping all this in mind, the success of YARA lies in finding the right balance. So we have constructed AdSpace which is a tailor-made Advertisement solution solely from YARA. It is an easy to use, one-stop solution to all your advertisement needs. Once you have purchased the desired Ad package, all you need to do is to upload the images or videos. Our Smart Delivery system makes sure that the Ads will be displayed to the users at the appropriate time and place. We have made sure that the app cannot be flooded with Ads as this will compromise the User Experience. All this, just to make sure your experience is exhilarating.

The AdSpace feature also comes with inbuilt analytics. So you can get to know the effectiveness of each Ad campaign (impressions, traffic, campaign effectiveness). AdSpace is the only available medium to post ads on YARA. Organizers can make use of AdSpace in order to post ads of their choice. Do understand, Voris (maker of YARA) reserves the right to eliminate Ads posted outside of AdSpace advertisement system.
Learn more about AdSpace

Vote (Polls)
Organizers can exercise their YARA right to put to Vote, a number of questions ensuring better interaction with the delegates and attendees. A few facts to keep in mind while creating Vote are mentioned below.

  • Questions should be relevant to the session being held.
  • Feedback questions cannot be put to Vote (Feedback regarding sessions, food, venue, etc).
  • Questions must be clear, concise and precise.

The results of the Vote will be visible to the delegates once he/she chooses to vote. Asking for feedback using Vote will give away the feedback to the delegates. So it is not at all recommended to use Vote to gather feedback. Our automated feedback system will ensure you get the right feedback from the delegates.

There are a variety of options for Organizers to get real time feedback from the Delegates designated to the event. YARA DeCipher provides after event detailed feedback about the various sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. At the end of each day/event YARA’s feedback system on YARA app puts forth a pre defined set of Feedback questions. We do ensure that these feedback queries will be presented in a very user-friendly manner, thereby increasing the chances of genuine feedback from the Delegates. To create a unique experience, YARA will handle the feedback process automatically. Organizers cannot use any other medium to get user feedback otherwise. The whole process is pre-computed and automated.

Image Quality
We don't want to display low-resolution images on YARA app. As a result of this mantra, all your event guests will have full access to an app that has unparalled quality and boasts an unmatched standard. To adhere to the same, we request you to comply with the guidelines.

The format for all the following images should be in (1024 X 1024) resolution with an aspect ratio of 1:1 :-

  • Event Logo
  • Cover Image
  • Pin Images (by Organizer)
  • Pin Images (by Sponsor/Exhibitor)
  • AdSpace - Ad Image

By default, the YARA system will not allow uploading images that do not meet the above-said size specs.

For a smoother experience, make use of our "Smart Delivery System"
We have come up with a unique system called "Smart Delivery System". SDS allows the Organizers to upload the images/videos/text. Upon doing so, the system ensures that the Images, Videos, and Texts are delivered at the right time to the right delegates thereby increasing its effectiveness and efficiency. Smart Delivery option can be used for various features like AdSpace, Vote, Coupons, and FileBank. SDS works on an algorithm which ensures that the desired content is pushed to the users at the right time without hampering the user experience.

The organizers as well have full discretion over the content and can transact it at any time they choose to. But we strongly recommend using SDS which in turn will help you in cutting down time and effort. You no longer need to tug your hair and crack a cranium around thinking what is the best time to post an Ad. SDS has it all covered and here to make things simpler for you.

Changing Event Title, Date and Location.
Most events are planned and scheduled very well in advance. Hence any changes to Event Title and Dates are extremely rare. We do not allow organizers to edit the Event Title, Date (s) and Location from YARA Web Dashboard once the Event has been created. Despite this, if an Organizer wishes to change the Event Title, Date(s) and Location they can raise a ticket regarding the same using HappyHelp and our Support team will review and make the necessary changes.

Last updated: Apr 19, 2019

YARA Usage Guidelines are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas.

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