Our first and foremost thought.

YARA is built on industry's top-notch technologies. With over 40+ security features and authentication, authorization and encryption systems, we have made sure YARA is secured. We use cutting-edge security architecture and sophisticated software infrastructure to ensure ultimate security.
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We're prepared for GDPR.

Our commitment on the upcoming EU Data Regulation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will set a new standard for how companies use and protect EU citizens’ data. It has taken effect on May 2018.

At Voris, we’ve been working hard to prepare YARA for GDPR, to ensure that we fulfill its obligations and maintain our transparency about customer messaging and how we use data.

Our teams are building the necessary features that will enable our customers to easily meet their GDPR obligations. We’re reviewing all our vendors, finding out about their GDPR plans and arranging similar GDPR-ready data processing agreements with them.

We’ve updated our Data Processing Agreements, Strong data protection commitments are a key part of GDPR’s requirements. Our updated data processing agreement shares our privacy commitments and sets out the terms for YARA and our customers to meet GDPR requirements. This is available for customers to sign upon request.

Get in touch with our Voris's GDPR Compliance Team Office by emailing compliance@yara.io.
Our Business Philosophy.

Your data belongs to you. Period.
We don’t get to see your data.
We don’t sell it or use it in any shape or form.

Our customer's trust means everything to us. From inception to execution, privacy and security are an integral part of YARA with policies in place as to how the customer’s personal data is handled.

Voris - The maker of YARA is a self-funded company. We reward ourself by selling well-crafted products to our customers, not by selling our costumer’s personal and private information. We are not an advertisement company and never will be, hence we don’t rely on advertisements to generate revenue. So your data is yours. Always.
Designed to organize events with sensitive and confidential data and Government Events with the most stringent compliance requirements.

Our advanced security protocols enable any organizer to host the most sensitive events without worrying about the digital security aspect. Many event organizers who already using YARA is dealing with amassing large data sets that hold critical insights. We use a highly scalable and reliable compute and data storage infrastructure for computing, authentication, authorization, and analytics. YARA uses automated deployments for a fast, reliable software deployment process which ensures our customers are always using the latest and up-to-date secured version of our services.
YARA OnPremises Edition.

Our team is working on a decoupled On-premises edition of YARA which could be easily installed, hosted and managed from private servers for event organizers handling extremely sensitive mission-critical events.

Available early 2019.
Encryption On by default.

Bank level security.

Your data is safe with us. Our security system utilizes Transport Layer Security and several layers of authentication and encryption to assure end-to-end protection of all the data - either online or offline.


Be informed. Be safe.

In the event of an emergency situation, YARA will convey the emergency notification to all the delegates with priority.

Data Wipe.

Erase it all.

Emergency Data Wipe enables the YARA Dashboard Administrators to erase all the event data from every delegate’s device.

The most affordable digital solution for your events.
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